Alex(ander) Gurung


I am a Master’s student in Computer Science at Georiga Tech’s School of Interactive Computing, graduating in December 2022. I also did my undergad at Georgia Tech, receiving my BS in CS and minor in Linguistics in December of 2020. I’m applying for PhD programs with a goal entry in Fall of 2023.

My research lies at the intersections of Computational Social Science and NLP; I’m particularly interested in 1) how we can leverage NLP techniques to improve online communities and 2) how we can ground large language models with social norms and factual knowledge.

For the past year I have been working as an AI resident at Meta AI where I work on imbuing seq2seq models with commonsense reasoning for use in LIGHT. The work from that project will hopefully be coming to a conference near you in January! I currently also do work with the SALT Lab under Dr. Diyi Yang in combination with Dr. David Muchlinski at the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs.

Previously, I was a machine learning engineer intern at TikTok, and before that I was a software engineer. I’m always interested in talking about my research and learning more about what other people are doing, feel free to reach out!